There is a beautiful song stating that our life is nothing else but a fleeting moment between the past and the future. This site is all about capturing the fleeting moments of my life and artisitcally presenting them here. I must confess I am somewhat a narcissist obsessed with expensive cameras.  I want to be an actress in a play that is not completely written yet, I write it page by page and I invite you to contribute to this masterpiece. 

All actresses love their spectators and I am not an exception. I want to interact with you, want you to be my directors, co-stars, camera operators, and scenarists. In other words if there is something in this play missing let me know, I will work on it. The idea of indie productions driven by my fans is very exciting. I love to travel and experience new cultures, I would love to be your very special reporter. Check out my galleries, you will see that I am a very adventurous person.

In real life I am a student with undecided major, have some ideas whom I want to be but these are not set in stone. If you have a job that you  LOVE, tell me about it. 

Finally, I have to warn you that this site is erotic in its nature mostly because eroticism is an intrinsic part of my personality. If you consider nudity to be shameful you probably want to skip on some of my posts or this whole web site altogether. 

Hello and welcome again my beloved spectators!

© Fille de la Mer 2012